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Drone Roof Surveys

At Moston Roofing, our roof surveys are carried out and delivered using state-of-the-art UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – otherwise known as drones), which offer our clients cost-effective, high-quality solutions without the need for scaffolding, cherry pickers, or working at height.

Using a drone to perform preliminary inspections makes work safer for our surveyors and more efficient for our customers. Delivering a safe programmed flight path, our specialists can systematically review, highlight and question all key aspects of the building and roof structure in a controlled environment.

Combining pilot expertise with the skills of roofing technicians is invaluable when inspecting roofs that are fragile, landlocked, or come with extreme access challenges.

Our drones are routinely tested and thoroughly checked before any flight commences, and a full risk assessment is carried out prior to any aerial inspection.

With recording equipment installed on each drone, we can generate a full report with HD video and high-resolution photographic records of the inspection. We can view the condition of your roof remotely, take precise measurements and report back to you on the current condition and any remedial works needed.

To learn more about our drone surveying process, or to arrange a roof inspection at your premises, contact our team today. Moston Roofing performs drone roof inspections in Manchester and throughout the North West region.

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